Hi, I’m Cheryl

Cradle Catholic. Learning. Praying. Growing in Faith one Rosary Bead at a Time.

Welcome to a space where Catholics can find good resources to learn and understand more about the rosary, prayer, the saints and Catholic life.

I’m not perfect and I’m guessing you’re not either. Let’s explore our rich and beautiful Catholic faith and grow together.

“Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.”

– Blessed Pope Pius IX

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Fun Facts About Me

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on a fast boat ride

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country music

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faith & family

Favorite place

my front porch

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Wooden bead rosary with fish beads and bronze crucifix

Where this all began

I come from a long line of rosary devotees. In my mind’s eye I can see each grandparent holding a rosary and praying, my parents with their rosaries and my sisters and me with ours. What a blessing to inherit the gift of faith!

Growing up we prayed the rosary often. On long car rides. At funerals. During times of great illness, worry or stress. My mother likes to say she keeps a rosary in every pocket.. just in case.

I’d like to say that I grew up with that deep devotion of my ancestors, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and my rosaries became ones of special occasions and not the daily variety.

While I’ve always explored and expanded my Catholic faith with books, retreats and classes, I found my way to the daily in the most unexpected way… through crochet, of all things!

I reached out to a fellow crochet designer online, thinking I might mentor her as I saw she was quite talented and maybe wasn’t seeing the fruits of her labor.

Well, our Blessed Mother had something else in mind!

My new friend introduced me to a daily rosary with Many Hail Mary’s At A Time. She said it changed her life, praying the rosary every day with strangers online. I quickly saw what she meant. The daily rosary filled me with peace and I enjoyed the snippets of Catholic life, the rosary stories, in the short interviews afterward.

Fast forward several weeks and my husband and I were praying a rosary in the car and I did a search online for the daily mysteries. The short version… I wasn’t impressed with the results I found. Hard to read. Nothing organized. I thought I could do better.

So here we are.. Me. You. The Rosary. Spreading our Catholic faith in an easy to read and follow format. The truth without the hype and opinion. The Catholic facts, if you will.

Let’s Journey Together!

~ Cheryl